Romania Travel Information

Romania Travel Information

Located in the north of the Balkan Peninsula, the famous country, Romania, is widely known all over the world by its beautiful landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. Romania borders the Black Sea at the west, so this country’s tourism industry gets a lot of benefit from that. Because of that, Romania is often the attractive tourist destination to visitors all around the world; and it is easy to understand that its tourism services are highly appreciated. Romania has lots of cities with advanced infrastructures and top quality amenities. And its capital is the Bucharest City.

Romania Travel Information

Bucharest Romania

Entering Romania you can use the plane or train transport. In Romania, there are 12 international terminals offering international flights to the rest part of the world. The Henru Coanda Terminal in the capital city provides both domestic and international tickets to local cities and to European countries and the Middle East. Aurel Vlaicu terminal serves plane tickets to and from Italia, Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia. Vacationers in Prague, Munich, Budapest, Sofia, Thessaloniki, Istanbul, Moscow, Kiev, Chisinau, Vienna, Venice and Zagreb can board international European trains, such as the EuroCity Trains, to arrive at Bucharest’s stop in Romania.

Gebyar4D – When going to Romania, you will not have to worry about the accommodation because there are a lot of available hotels and guesthouses ready to serve you. Most of hotels concentrate in the main cities of Bucharest, Iasi, Brasov and Cluj-Napoca. You should secure a room, ideally online, to prevent the unwanted hustle for any room in case so many vacationers visit Romania at the same time. For the guesthouses, vacationers will need to contact the association of guesthouse owners of Romania to select a pleasant, desirable guesthouse for their holiday period.

retezat national park romania

If you enjoy mixing yourself with the unique nature, let come to the Retezat National Park. A fascinating place to discover the life of plenty of animals and plants as well as enjoy the fresh air or get away from the noise of the city and see one the largest lakes in Romania: Bucura lake. This park is really a beautiful landscape covered by varieties of green grasses.

One of the famous historic sites, also one of the UNESCO lists of heritage sites, the Premier Church may have gave you amazing feelings. Established during the medieval era, the Suceave Fortress and many monasteries still standing and long preserved over the centuries. You will completely be overwhelmed by its strange architectural.

Vidraru lake Romania

The human’s creation is unlimited. That is proved by the people in Romania with the work: Vidraru lake – the largest man-made lake in this country. It’s so unbelievable that human can create such a huge beautiful lake like that one. This lake is designed with dinning areas for people who love to uncover the underwater life and boat riding facilities at the lake.

Roman Sphinx Romania

Probably the most stunning attractive feature in Romania may be the huge rock that assumes the structure of the human head. The Roman Sphinx is one of the amazing sites which are recognized as the wonders of the world. Its formation is inherent in many myths; however, its geographical formation is still an unknown quantity. Anyway, this historical site is still a mystery and major attraction for loved-discovering people.

Turzil Gorges are enormous natural features. They’re maintained and guarded like a character reserve. Their coves are extremely high with sharp edges.

To experience the atmosphere of a concert, you can take advantage of your time to the Romanian Athenaeum. This huge concert hall is the place taking place a lot of special concert along with the artistic talents. This is the great opportunity for you to view the culture of Romanian people.

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