Abu Dhabi Travel Information

Abu Dhabi Travel

With the palatial Abu Dhabi it appears like modern era has its own concentrate Asia. The 2nd biggest city in the centre east is an oasis indeed. The place which concentrates many oil companies attracting tourists as one of the most interesting destinations. Sheiks have made the decision to put money into tourism; in addition, they now concentrate on drawing vacationers’ attention. Some of the world’s more  noteworthy high-rises and modern structures have been built in the federal capital of the UAE. In opposition to this modern structures, Abu Dhabi has historic  venues that will explain about its cultural.

Abu Dhabi Travel Information

If you want to take around luxury, shopping central and crowded streets with vacationers coupled with culture and delightful beaches, Abu Dhabi will be the great choice. This is among the most costly metropolitan areas on the planet. No more costly than Dubai, however. But it doesn’t make the Dubai less attractive. You will find a lot of pleasant things here along with a prove of their rising recognition may be the growing quantity of vacationers coming here.  Hotels in Abu Dhabi are reputable in most cases offer greater than comfort. Prices range, but they’re certainly lower in comparison to Dubai. The majority of the hotels have exclusive private beaches

The water is ideal for swimming, however the sun may effect to you of course if you do not limit your time staying at the beach to morning and mid-day hrs. You’ll be easy to find a myriad of food. From fancy dining to McDonald’s and delivery food services, all are available here. But, tourists prefer nice foods and don’t frequently get to fast food restaurants. Only one issue you might face with is the time of fasting throughout when Muslims observe Ramadan. Be cautious, meals are not permitted throughout day time, even drink water, which means you have to either eat in privacy or wait for the evening when there’s a real feast ready at each table.

Tourism in Abu Dhabi

Tourism in Abu Dhabi isn’t according to beaches only. The more you progress round the more tourist spots you uncover. Abu Dhabi could be a good spot for you personally, regardless of who’re you going with. It offers an enjoyable experience for both you and your buddies, relaxation for you personally romantic getaway or time for the family. Prepare to become astonished by the various little miracles. Structures that stretch all as much as heaven and stunning statues. Fountains are merely wonderful with flashing lights and breathtaking synchronization of spouts

Zayed National Museum Abu Dhabi

Museums count an entire day visit there there is also a number of items and pieces of art. For that youngest, you will find plenty of playgrounds which guarantee hrs of amusement when parents can unwind in a few of the eco-friendly areas and relish the air outdoors. Another factor that you ought to not miss would be the Lulu Islands, an excellent creation, produced by guy not nature. If you’re feeling like splurging everyone, you’re at a incredible spot possible. Abu Dhabi has high life standard, so a minimum of at least inside your existence, manage to participate ‘the other half’ agen sbobet casino. You won’t be sorry.

emirates palace hotel abu dhabi

If you’re on the plane to Abu Dhabi, you need to know that Etihad Airways is the official air carriers of UAE. In 2011 they marketed an advertising and marketing campaign to draw more vacationers. Actually, what they’re attempting to do is to make Abu Dhabi become a top tourist place, a plan appears to be working for the time being. Etihad vacationers may use their boarding walk through to obtain various discount rates and special deals within the first 7 days upon arrival. Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal may be the second biggest airport in the area following Dubai

The beginning of your  wonderful journey begins right after  you land. Crossing the customs isn’t a painful feeling whatsoever. The character of the trip is something you should anticipate to explain anytime. You also require a nicely organized documents and you ought to be ready. You will in all probability need to carry your personal luggage as luggage buggies aren’t as numerous understandably despite the fact that the airport is one of the most popular.

taxi abu dhabi

Take a taxi for getting around the metropolitan areas. Taxi costs are extremely cheap and also the services are relatively accessible. You can find a taxi easily, particularly if you are inside a hotel. You will find lots of cars in the parking lots in front of hotels. You may also rent a car, but don’t mix to much fun with driving. Stay sober if you choose to conduct an automobile because you will deal with serious effects. Because you are only a tourist won’t help you much if avoid traffic rules or other segments of law and order. You’ll be sent right to jail without any opportunity for excuse.

Tipping is unusual in here, it can also be considered rude, so if you wish to act friendly just be sure you show how grateful you’re and you will create a couple of new acquaintances. It’s also wise to avoid walking by walking. The temps could be very high in summer time as well as local people who are used to the heat choose to steer clear of the scorching sun. Abu Dhabi is really a trend among vacationers nowadays. If you wish to experience with the modern vacationers, book your vacation to Abu Dhabi now. See where black gold originates from and walk the streets that sheiks pave with jewels. Have the extravagance and miracle from the Arabic world.

Latvia Travel Information

Latvia Travel information

Located on the Baltic Sea, and in spite of being a small country, but Latvia have also a beautiful landscape and the quiet Gulf of Riga and rough Baltic Sea are 2 of typical examples. The wonderful endless beaches will captivate any visitors when going there. The beauties of Latvia are worthy to be seen with amazing landscapes: green forests, surging rivers, and peaceful and fascinating lakes.

Latvia Travel information

The Latvia‘s capital is Riga which is the main destination attracting visitors most. Going to this amazing city you will have chance to learn about an impressive collection of Jungendstil which is a kind of art, buildings in Europe. Riga at night is a contrasted picture to the city’s history and its architecture. That is one of the most lively and colorful nightlife.

A longtime favorite holiday destination, Latvia’s appeal is being uncovered further abroad. In Beyond Riga, you will find medieval towns, large palaces, folk parks, amazing museums, beautiful country castles, and devastated fortresses. Latvia is worth one of the hidden treasure of the European continent.

In Latvia, you should take part in some activities as follow:

Taking a tour to Basilica of Aglona

Basilica of Aglona Latvia Travel information

This is one of the most famous cathedrals in this country. The well-known Feast of the Assumption in August attracts 150.000 people taking in part in a torch lit march. This is also the best time to see the colorful beauties of this cathedral.

Watching Birds

Bird Watching Latvia

The wetlands and farmland are the houses of many special and beautiful birds in which the corncrake is a rare species listed in the red book and need protecting.

Cape Kolka

Cape Kolka lativa Latvia Travel information

Being a part of the Slitere National Park, Cape Kolka has amazing beaches as the Gulf of Riga and Baltic Sea collide. Cape Kolka will be a great place for those who would like to take a walk along the seaside and discover splendid nature, or even watching the sunset.

Cesis Town Latvia

Cesis Town Latvia Latvia Travel information

Cesis was occupied in the 13th century. This town has a lot of attractions to visitors. You will be surprised at cobble streets, striking castles, beautiful and ancient churches and wood buildings.

Ethnographic Open Air Museum of Latvia

Ethnographic Open Air Museum of Latvia

In 1924, the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia was founded. Nowadays it is one of the oldest museums in Europe. In this fascinating museum, you will see everything from all the part of Latvia from worker’s farms, historical homes to a tavern and windmills.
Fly High

Gauja River Gorge Latvia

Ethnographic Open Air Museum of Latvia

Going to Krimulda, you will get a great view of the Gauja River Gorge. In this location, you can also have a chance to visit a destroyed castle.
Latvian’s night life

Blackheads house in Riga Latvia

Blackheads house in Riga Latvia

Latvia’s night life is so vibrant. However, between the bars and cafes in Riga, you will see a little different. Both 2 types overflow onto the terraces during the summer. There are so many exciting nightclubs for you to choose. Blue concerts, dancing, lap-dancing and strip clubs are everywhere; and of course they are opened over night. In case, you enjoy the drink, Liepaja, Ventspils, and Daugavpils may be the great places.

Food & Drink

Agen Sbobet – Most of food and drink in Latvia are made from the available local crop and weather. Red meat with a creamy sauce and screws are the 2 main kinds of food which are often appear in menu. For those who live near the shoreline, fish seems to be available in every meal. Latvian usually enjoys their meals with a strong drink or Latvian beer.


  • Piragi (a kind of food with bacon and onion filled pastry)
  • Alexander Torte (cranberry/raspberry filled pastry)
  • Sweetbread soup w/ dry fruit
  • Skabu kapostu zupa (cabbage soup)
  • Kotletes (meat patties)

Things should be kept in mind:

Consuming, or drinking alcohol in public areas like parks, streets or other places is banned and if you are caught you will surely have a big problem. Latvian government prescribing the drinking age must be 18 years old.

Getting around towns and cities in Latvia

Riga has a sizeable network of trolleybus, tram, and bus routes while a single tramline and busses run in Liepaja. You should purchase tickets from the conductor on board and keep them for checking. There is a kind of share taxi called Taksobussi that is always available but often more expensive the buses. Private taxis use the meters to check the bills sbobet. However, at night, you have to pay more money than day time. Luckily, you can also use some trolleybuses and trams working at night to save more money. In addition, from Riga you can get to all the major cities and towns in Latvia via the rail such as Ventspils and Liepaja in the west, Rezekne and Gulbene in the east, and Daugavpils in the southeast.

Austria Travel Information

Vienna Austria famous places

Austria is the country located in the middle of Europe, bordering Germany in the North, Switzerland in the West and Slovakia in the East. The beautiful mountainous landscape and historic destinations make Austria become one of the famous tourist destinations and raise this nation in the top list country worthy visiting. Vienna is the capital city where administrative operations are happened, and Austria’s cities are modernized and well facilitated.

Austria Travel Information

There are 3 ways to arrive at Austria: by train, airplane or buses. Although Austria has a lot of airports, but Vienna international Airport is only one which provides international tickets to and from other parts of the world. There are also some other airlines operating domestic flights between main cities and some selected European countries such as the Graz Airport, and Klagenfurt  Linz Airport. The other choice is bus transport. Tourists from neighboring countries can board one of the international trains to go to Austria. The available trains for visitors are ICE, EURegio, RailJet and Regionalzug Trains.

There are all kinds of accommodation facilities for everyone to spend their long holidays in Austria. From the middle to high class, all have their own reasonable choices. Hotels, hostels and camps are set everywhere. However, the charge for hotels is often higher than hostels are; therefore, hostels are the best selection for almost of people because it’s affordable. But if you love nature, you can choose the camps. The more comfort services will make your trip comfortable most.

Walking and Cycling Tour: Vienna to Prague

Walking and Cycling Tour: Vienna to Prague

When coming to Austria, tourists will find that the main popular characteristic of this country is extensive cycling routes. The cycling routes with well-equipped facilities will help people in controlling their health and reducing weight problems by The Danube cycling route is easily the most used route through the local people and worldwide vacationers. The cycling routes are great facilities which help lots of people in managing their own health and reducing weight problems by freely cycling on the routes asides from the roads used by vehicles.

Melk Abbey Building Austria Travel

Melk Abbey building Austria Travel Information

Built by the monks in the eleventh century AD, the Melk Abbey building is great destination for tourists who would like to learn about some historical parts of Austria. The building used to be used as a castle of King Leopold II and then became a Christian learning center handed by the monks.

Vienna State Opera Hall Austria

Vienna State Opera Hall Austria

Located at the center of Vienna city, State Opera is the well-known opera house where houses lots of recorded ballet performances. It also has a fascinating architectural design both from the outside and the inside judi bola online. This place is worthy to have people’s attention around the world.

You love hiking, snow-boarding or you are someone who likes to enjoy winter games, just go to the Seefeld. This place is wonderful resort to satisfy your passion. Seefeld used to host winter Olympic. This ski resort has dining and high quality accommodation for its visitors.

Hohensalzburg Castle Austria

Vienna State Opera Hall Austria

Existing through many centuries since the mediveval period, the Hohensalzburg Castle at the top of Mount Festungsberg is the famous destination for all the visitors to explore. This castle will give tourists certain understanding of a brief history of Austria. Moreover, from the towers, your eyesight is free out Salzburg city.