Thailand Travel Information

Bangkok Thailand

To people who know the name Thailand on the world map, the first image about this country is a unique precious destination in the Asian continent. Thailand is one of the typical illustrations of the Asia’s beauty. This is the highly cultural country and amazing historic and Bubbhism cultural destinations, and its diverse natural beauty will attract anyone from all the part of the world. Located in the southeast of Asia, Thailand is known as an independent kingdom with the capital city Bangkok where all the governance and operations are centralized.

Thailand Travel Information

To come to Thailand, you have 2 ways: by plane, and by train. Thailand has 2 international airports in Bangkok and Phuket. Another choice is train transport. From Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Singapore in Singapore city, you can use the train transportation services of an international railway path between 3 nations to arrive at Thailand’s main railway station.

lake in thailand

Accommodation is often one of the most concerns of vacationers, but once taking a tour to this beautiful country, visitors will have variety of choices. Guest houses seem to be the best suggestion because it is affordable with sufficient facilities like a simple bedroom, a bathroom and a fan.

Sukhothai Hotels Bangkok

You can find guest houses around the tourist destinations. In addition, if you would like to have a more comfortable night with more excellent leisure facilities like TV, room service and large swimming pools in the yards you can choose hotels. For those who love to taste of luxury can book an apartment in modern and luxurious hotels in Bangkok such as Pensinula and Sukhothai Hotels.

Patong Beach Thailand

Thailand has an array of attractive destinations. Monumental points of interest, ancient temples, national parks, nice terrain as well as an adorable culture displayed by the traditional dances, clothes and unique cuisine. All are magical things to everyone. We can name some most of famous and attractive locations: Pattaya, Phuket, Patong Beach, Krabi, Hua Hin, Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Koh Chang, Phi Phi Island

Doi Inthanon National Park

Located in the north of Thailand, Doi Inthanon National Park is a great place for visitors to uncover the wildlife sparkle of this country. The animal and plant species existing in this park are really colorful. There are many kinds of birds, and it is extremely amazing watching them as they fly and sing around the park.

Lor Su Waterfall

Lor Su Waterfall is one of the most fascinating natural tourist destinations in Thailand. Located near the border between Thailand and Myanmar with many shopping malls and exotic restaurants around, you will have a great view of this wonderful waterfall from a distance.

Viphavadi-Rangsit Road in Bangkok

Thailand has also lots of luxurious resorts as well as golf center. The Viphavadi-Rangsit Road in Bangkok is a typical golf center where big fans of golf can practice their golf tricks in a large many-hole field. Moreover, this place is an important tourist attraction to draw visitors coming to resorts to relax and play their favorite sport.

Khao Yai National Park Thailand

Khao Yai National Park besides the Doi Inthanon National Park is really a fun park to discover the life of wild animals, enjoy hiking and camping there. Such indigenous species wildlife like the Thai elephant and tiger are must to see. This park is the residence of 100s of bird species too.

Mention to Thailand, you can not but add beautiful beaches in your tourist map. The sunny beach, cool-warm water of the Indian Sea will relieve stress and regain energy for you. Krabi and Phuket is worthy for you to spend holiday time. This is a nice place to organize water activities such as diving, sailing and surfing. Hotels and restaurants are nearby to furnish the visitors with delicious Thai dishes worth to crave for, and the night life in various night clubs at the beach is ever-lively.

Lithuania Travel Information

Lithuania Travel Information

Lithuania is a republic country located at the north of Europe. Lithuanian use one of 2 existing languages in the Baltic branch of Indo-European, Lithuanian. Lithuania connects to the world via a few international terminals: the largest Vilnius international airport, Kaunas and Palanga international air carriers. Entering Lithuania by ferry transport, visitors must go to the only port of Klaipeda. Road transport seems to be convenient most because of an extensive network of motorways. Travelers in Qarsaw- Russia, Kaunas and Riga can take advantage of the E67 main route to easily arrive at Lithuania. Besides, the Major “Via Baltica” road will take visitors from Kaunas to Warsaw and Riga/Tallinn.

Lithuania Travel Information

With the advantages of geography, Lithuania has favorable conditions to develop tourism industry. Visitors will have varieties of accommodation with different price while visiting here. Luxurious hotels or simple cottages may satisfy all visitors’ demands; however, the expensive or affordable charge depends on the places which facilities are located. Normally, some hotspots like big cities or destinations near famous tourist attractions are more costly.

Holy Ghost Church-Vilnius-Lithuania

To every countries in general and Lithuania in particular, museums are always the destinations attracting visitors most. They become the symbols of culture and history of the country. Built in 1933, Lithuanian Art Museum is known as the largest one of art and conversation and display, where thousands of historical items are shown for visitors. Furthermore, Ciurlionis Art Museum, Great War Vytautas Museum and Palanga Amber Museum which has a huge volume-display of lovely amber items, are also great destinations worthy exploring.

Trakai Castle Lithuania

If being a loved-nature person, parks with green trees, beautiful lakes, and various animals and so on, parks will be the best choice. The most famous national park, the Parks also constitute an excellent trip to during vacation Aukštaitija National Park, is home some of animals such as the elk, deer and wild boar and hike with the large forests sbobet asia. Especially, in this amazing park there are some pines living over 200 years and lots of species of rare and common; moreover, with more than 126 lakes and many streams, the park is made use of holding water sports for fun or for award. No less important national park is the Dzukija National Park with one of the largest forests in Dainavos and swamp in Čepkelių. In the middle if the forest, there are some old unique villages inhabiting. It is so interesting to go hiking in this park.

Lithuania St-Anna's Church

The beautiful streets with cool green trees, unique architectural designs which are a mixture of gothic, renaissance, baroque and neoclassical buildings, all will give visitors interesting and amazing experience when walking along those streets cara daftar sbobet. Nice restaurants and cafes are always ready to serve all kinds of vacationer. For those who love doing shopping, especial for women, the Akropolis Shopping mall will be a great choice to satisfy shopping demand.

Romania Travel Information

Romania Travel Information

Located in the north of the Balkan Peninsula, the famous country, Romania, is widely known all over the world by its beautiful landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. Romania borders the Black Sea at the west, so this country’s tourism industry gets a lot of benefit from that. Because of that, Romania is often the attractive tourist destination to visitors all around the world; and it is easy to understand that its tourism services are highly appreciated. Romania has lots of cities with advanced infrastructures and top quality amenities. And its capital is the Bucharest City.

Romania Travel Information

Bucharest Romania

Entering Romania you can use the plane or train transport. In Romania, there are 12 international terminals offering international flights to the rest part of the world. The Henru Coanda Terminal in the capital city provides both domestic and international tickets to local cities and to European countries and the Middle East. Aurel Vlaicu terminal serves plane tickets to and from Italia, Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia. Vacationers in Prague, Munich, Budapest, Sofia, Thessaloniki, Istanbul, Moscow, Kiev, Chisinau, Vienna, Venice and Zagreb can board international European trains, such as the EuroCity Trains, to arrive at Bucharest’s stop in Romania.

Gebyar4D – When going to Romania, you will not have to worry about the accommodation because there are a lot of available hotels and guesthouses ready to serve you. Most of hotels concentrate in the main cities of Bucharest, Iasi, Brasov and Cluj-Napoca. You should secure a room, ideally online, to prevent the unwanted hustle for any room in case so many vacationers visit Romania at the same time. For the guesthouses, vacationers will need to contact the association of guesthouse owners of Romania to select a pleasant, desirable guesthouse for their holiday period.

retezat national park romania

If you enjoy mixing yourself with the unique nature, let come to the Retezat National Park. A fascinating place to discover the life of plenty of animals and plants as well as enjoy the fresh air or get away from the noise of the city and see one the largest lakes in Romania: Bucura lake. This park is really a beautiful landscape covered by varieties of green grasses.

One of the famous historic sites, also one of the UNESCO lists of heritage sites, the Premier Church may have gave you amazing feelings. Established during the medieval era, the Suceave Fortress and many monasteries still standing and long preserved over the centuries. You will completely be overwhelmed by its strange architectural.

Vidraru lake Romania

The human’s creation is unlimited. That is proved by the people in Romania with the work: Vidraru lake – the largest man-made lake in this country. It’s so unbelievable that human can create such a huge beautiful lake like that one. This lake is designed with dinning areas for people who love to uncover the underwater life and boat riding facilities at the lake.

Roman Sphinx Romania

Probably the most stunning attractive feature in Romania may be the huge rock that assumes the structure of the human head. The Roman Sphinx is one of the amazing sites which are recognized as the wonders of the world. Its formation is inherent in many myths; however, its geographical formation is still an unknown quantity. Anyway, this historical site is still a mystery and major attraction for loved-discovering people.

Turzil Gorges are enormous natural features. They’re maintained and guarded like a character reserve. Their coves are extremely high with sharp edges.

To experience the atmosphere of a concert, you can take advantage of your time to the Romanian Athenaeum. This huge concert hall is the place taking place a lot of special concert along with the artistic talents. This is the great opportunity for you to view the culture of Romanian people.